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The CFE-CGC and the European Works Councils (EWC)

For the CFE-CGC, the EWC are a major institution of representation of employees for the construction of a transnational social dialogue, a level where the decisions of the European group take themselves.
They allow having an information and a consultation about the evolution of the activities of the groups. They have to allow also a representation of the professional and managerial staff.
That is why the CFE-CGC got involved since the first experiments of EWC ( 1989 ) in these institutions, negotiating and signing the agreements EWC, by sitting in it, what contributes to the construction of one of the angular stones of social Europe and performance of the governance of companies.
This implication developed under various facets and grew rich:

The sharing of expertise and experiences

The Confederation leads a network of national sector-based contacts (16 sectors represented) which includes numerous members of EWC of group of diverse nationalities. The CFE-CGC has even secretariats of EWC (Rio Tinto, PPR, Ineos).

The training courses

The CFE-CGC developed training courses for the representatives and the future representatives in the negotiations of agreements on EWC and sitting in EWC.


- A contact detail dedicated to the questions on EWC
The CFE-CGC has just set up a contact detail dedicated to the European works councils:
For any question about EWC, do not hesitate to send us your messages to this dedicated address!
- A guide for reinforcing the involvement of professional in European Works Councils: the project PERCEE
The CFE-CGC has joined with the CEC and seven European federations (FECCIA, AECA, FECEC, FECC, ETIC, FICT, FEDEM) to implement a project co-funded by the European Commission aiming to facilitate the exercise of the right to information and consultation of workers in European companies. PERCEE mean "Management platform for a network of European works councils".
On the basis of a survey conducted representatives of employers and workers in the EWC and a conference containing experiences, practices and expectation on EWC, the project PERCEE nurtured the drafting of a guide to all those who wish to reinforcing the involvement of professional in European Works Councils.
The drafting of a guide contain legal and bibliographical information, information/consultation practices to be shared and contacts to pursue experiences.
PERCEE: The proceedings of the conference on 14 and 15 October 2010 in Paris. (English version)
This guide differs from the others existing guides by turning clearly on the involvement of professional in European Works Councils. This guide is available in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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